Year: 2016-2017
Wine: Red wine
Grape: Caladoc 100%


Famille Deroose from Corbières and Corbières Boutenac in France also produce an IGP wine as from now on. They already produced 2 reds and 1 white AOP wines up to now. IGP allows to be creative with more varietals. Famille Deroose prefer to make the charming southern varietals better known.

Caladoc is an unknown varietal cultivated in 1958 as a combination of Grenache noir and Malbec. This is a nice combination for Famille Deroose since Malbec makes us think especially of the New World. Malbec is in great demand in Argentina. Grenache Noir is typical of the Old World and characteristic of Corbières. It proves that Europe can be innovative. The varietal is well disease resistant and produces nice fruity wines.

The creativity found in the wine is what we wanted to reflect in the wine label. This time not just a black label with white characters or a white label with black print but a background painted by Richard Boel (Brichard) from Studio Brikat in Staden (Belgium). Richard and Kathy Boel-Vandamme are neighbours of Famille Deroose in Staden. A combination of creativity, Belgium-France, resulted in a cheerful label, of cheerfulness, reflecting sun, art and wine. The creativity of the oenologist, Christophe Groppi, was determining for the creation of succesfull fruity red wine.